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Obama’s Afghanistan Trip Could Escalate Political Criticism

NY Times [1]
May 1, 2012

President Obama’s surprise trip to Afghanistan [2] comes even as his re-election campaign has set off a debate about the propriety of using Osama bin Laden’s killing [3] to make a political argument in the battle with Mitt Romney [4].

The trip will give Mr. Obama a fresh view of the war he inherited and expanded. The president plans to announce an agreement with the leaders of Afghanistan that will guide the deployment of American troops in the country as they make a transition out of the war over the next two and a half years.

But the timing of Mr. Obama’s visit to Afghanistan — and the address to the nation that he is scheduled to give Tuesday night — could add fuel criticism that he is politicizing the war on terrorism for his own gain.

Mr. Romney and his allies have already accused the president of inappropriately turning the anniversary of the raid on Bin Laden’s Pakistan camp into a partisan attack by releasing a video [5] that questions whether Mr. Romney would have authorized the raid.

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