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Obama’s Immigration Speech Gives MSNBC Anchor ‘Chills’– Twice

Frances Martel
Mediaite [1]
July 2, 2010

This summer’s news cycle is so busy that President Obama’s major policy speech on immigration this morning was met with a lukewarm reception and quickly dismissed under the silhouette of sexy spy Anna Chapman [2]. But one anchor at MSNBC, Alex Witt [3], paid attention for longer, and was so moved by his words that she admitted to getting “chills” to two separate guests throughout the day.

The first instance came while discussing the speech with NBC Washington Bureau Chief Mark Whitaker [4], where Witt admitted that “I’ve got to say, I got a few chills, listening to him there, very powerful. It was also pretty heavy on detail.” Whitaker responded that he believed the immigration issue was so important to the president because his father had come to America as an immigrant. Some time later, in a separate conversation with Rev. Al Sharpton, who was discussing the tone of the speech. Witt replied, “I agree, he was very professorial. I got a few chills, how about you, Reverend?” Sharpton agreed.

Independently, admitting that President Obama is a moving speaker is not exactly a huge deal, but given that it is MSNBC– the home of Chris Matthews‘ famous thrill up his leg– and Witt mentioned her chills twice, it’s hard to imagine those who have criticized MSNBC for their treatment of President Obama in the past won’t take issue with these comments.

Video here [1]