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‘Obama’ a new entry in slang dictionary meaning ‘cool’

Press TV [1]
Monday, August 3, 2009

The sixth edition of ‘UCLA Slang’, which is published every four years, will be out this month and will include an entry under ‘obama’ — a reference to the US President Barack Obama.

The book will be released by linguistics professor Pamela Munro and her students at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

The process of authoring the dictionary begins with students collecting slang from friends followed by a detailed analysis to make sure submissions are spelled and defined correctly, Munro said.

“Students learn a lot about grammar, language and linguistics,” she was quoted by Reuters as saying. “You can study anything you want about ordinary language through the medium of slang.”

The light-hearted book includes terms, definitions, parts of speech, sample sentences and notes on the etymology and origin of new slang, Munro said.

The dictionary supplies such words and definitions as ‘presh’, which means cute or precious. Other terms or phrases include ‘fomo’, or fear of missing out, ‘schwa’ for wow; and ‘obama’, meaning cool, as in “You so obama.”

‘Bromance’ means a close platonic friendship and ‘I.D.K.’ stands for “I didn’t know.”