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Obama and Congress Are Taking Away Our Liberties, But They’re Keeping Theirs

Charlie Daniels
CNS News [1]
November 11, 2013

Even the most staunch, radical, “Blame Bush” Obama supporter – whether they will admit it publicly or not – has to know that the roll out of Obamacare has been a total, unadulterated disaster, a multi-billion dollar joke, an embarrassment and a crippling blow to America’s already ailing image.

President Obama is either a glib liar or the most uninformed president in the history of this and any other nation.

In the nation that led the world into the cyber century, a country that has put men on the moon and controls technology that can spy on every phone and computer on the planet, it is unthinkable that, in three years, an administration armed with all the resources of the most powerful office on earth can’t come up with something better than a computer system that is only capable of enrolling a grand total of six people on its very first day and then crashes like a pinball machine that’s been tilted.

And, the sad fact is that the rollout debacle is probably the least painful part of the whole, ill conceived, poorly executed, mysterious piece of socialistic tripe, because the devil (and about a million demons) are in the details.

Nobody seems to know what this bill contains well enough to explain it to the public and every time you think you’ve got something about it nailed down, something else pops up that changes the meaning of what minutiae you have been able to glean.

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