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Obama Brags to Reporters: I’m An Excellent Leader

Obama claims TPP, which expands slavery, is an example of his “American leadership”

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December 22, 2015

Before leaving for his vacation in Hawaii, President Obama bragged about his “leadership” this past year.

Credit: Public domain

During a year-end press conference earlier this month, he said the Iran agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Paris “climate change” summit were examples of his excellent “American leadership,” statements which received little attention from the mainstream media.

“Today the American people can be proud, because this historic agreement is a tribute to American leadership,” Obama declared [1]. “Over the past seven years, we’ve transformed the United States into the global leader in fighting climate change.”

“…This would not have happened without American leadership. And, by the way, the same is true for the Iran nuclear deal. The same is true for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The same is true for stamping out Ebola — something, you guys may recall from last year, which was the potential end of the world.”

But Obama’s deal with Iran received almost universal condemnation.

“It dramatically increases the likelihood that a new president in 2017 will face no other choice but launching military strikes against Iran to stop them from acquiring nuclear weapons,” Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said. “We’d like to be able to use all of the tools of sanctions and everything else.”

“But if the president hands those tools away it puts the next president and it puts this country in a much worse position.”

In other words, Obama’s Iran deal could cause another world war.

And the TPP, written by multinational corporations, actually expands the international slave trade thanks to Obama quietly removing an anti-slavery provision from the secret trade deal [2] in June while he was publicly attacking the Confederate flag as a “symbol of slavery.”

There’s more people in slavery now than in any point of human history, including the prosperous African slave trade between the 17th to the 19th centuries, yet Obama thinks this is an example of his “American leadership.”