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Obama Campaign App Spies On Citizens, Links Directly Back To White House

Grant J. Kidney [1]
Aug 10, 2012

Barack Obama’s presidential campaign has just released an application for the iPhone as well as for the Android, and Google platforms that essentially serves as a spy hub with ties linking directly back to the White House.

Dubbed, ‘The Obama for America’ app, the program allows folks to find nearby democratic voters so that they may hound them with requests for both money and effort toward the re-election of Barack Obama.

The app allows access to the names and addresses of private voters. It uses mapping technology to display where each are located as well as other statistics.

Adam Fetcher, an Obama campaign spokesperson notated that the app’s prime function is to help supporters “get involved at the grassroots level.” the truth however is that the app represents but one more push toward the ultimate goal of establishing an Orwellian super-state where one’s every move is both tracked and recorded in real time.

1984 and mobile applications

In 2010, the Department of Homeland Security created a similar application to that of the Obama for America app which prompted mobile phone users to spy on their friends, coworkers, and neighbors. [2] Folks could snap photographs of so called ‘suspicious activity’ and send data directly to the DHS for analysis. The app was inappropriately labeled ‘PatriotApp’.

Full article here [1]