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Obama Doesn’t Rule Out Bypassing Congress and Using EPA Regulations to Cap Carbon Emissions

Terence P. Jeffrey
CNS News
Nov 4, 2010

In a White House press conference Wednesday, President Barack Obama did not rule out using regulations issued by the Environmental Protection Agency to cap carbon emissions in the United States without an act of Congress.

Meanwhile, on October 25, the EPA announced [1] new regulations to limit “greenhouse gas” emissions by heavy-duty trucks and buses.

In the last Congress, the House of Representatives passed a “cap-and-trade” bill that would have forced carbon emissions caps on U.S. industry in the interest of protecting the planet against warming. However, the Senate never voted on the bill.

During his Tuesday press conference, Obama initially conceded that Republicans had run for Congress in this election expressly opposing cap-and-trade and that therefore it would be unlikely that cap-and-trade global warming legislation could pass in the upcoming Congress.

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