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Obama Enjoys 15 Point Bounce After Tucson Shootings

Political machine behind President encouraged to exploit more contrived crises to secure second term

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com [1]
Thursday, January 20, 2011

Taking the advice of his chief advisor Rahm Emanuel and never letting a good crisis go to waste, Barack Obama’s decision to turn this month’s tragic Tucson shootings into a shot in the arm for his collapsing approval figures has proved to be a resounding success – with the President enjoying a 15 point bounce after a contrived establishment media hoax that linked shooter Jared Loughner with Obama’s political opposition.

“According to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, Obama’s approval rating has surged above 50 percent; confidence in the economy also has spiked; and the Democratic Party — but not the GOP — now enjoys a net-positive rating from the American public,” reports MSNBC [2], attributing the swing largely to “Obama’s well-received speech honoring the victims of the tragic shootings in Arizona.”

However, you don’t rack up a 15 point swing from one single speech. The turnaround has far more to do with how the establishment media managed to hoax a significant minority of Americans into believing that shooter Jared Loughner was motivated by the tea party movement [3] and political rhetoric from the right, when in fact he was a deeply disturbed lunatic with a fetish for the occult and cross-dressing who was described as a “liberal” by those who knew him.

The corporate press dutifully managed to keep this under wraps to a large extent by simply refusing to emphasize the fact, while continuing to beat the drum about “toning down the rhetoric,” which was nothing more than a euphemism for intimidating conservatives and libertarians into muting their criticism [4] of the government.

The Obama administration’s zeal for exploiting the tragedy manifested itself as the distasteful spectacle of Obama turning his memorial speech for the victims into a jingoistic, hollering, campaign-style event.

As we reported last week [5], the administration attempted to turn what was supposed to be a somber occasion into a tawdry political rally, printing t-shirts in the stylized Obama campaign motif with the words, “Together We Thrive: Tucson & America” printed on them.

“Never before in the annals of national moments of mourning have the words spoken been so wildly mismatched by the spirit in which they were received,” wrote John Podhoretz [6]. “There was something about the choice of place, a college arena with the appropriate name of the McKale Memorial Center, that made the event turn literally sophomoric.”

“This was more like an Arsenio Hall show than a memorial service,” Doug Lucas, writing for American Thinker [7], added. “Catcalls, standing ovations, whistling and the whoop, whoop, whoop of the crowd dominated the night. What should have been a somber occasion for reflection turned into another Obama pep rally. It was as if these students had their guy up on stage and by God they weren’t about to let a national tragedy get in the way of them having a good time and cheering on their messiah.”

With the nation watching, the establishment press managed to spin the partisan sideshow as an organic surge of support for Obama, framing the debate around Obama’s excellence in “handling the tragedy,” which in reality consisted of nothing more than reading off a teleprompter and cleverly identifying himself with the heroes who tackled the gunman.



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The results of this poll serve as more of a warning than anything else. Having triumphantly seized upon the tragic deaths of six people to reinvigorate the big government agenda, the political machine behind Obama can be confident that future crises can be adeptly contrived and exploited in order to offer some hope that Obama can secure a second term in office – an eventuality that seemed inconceivable before the Tucson tragedy.

But Obama will need to capitalize on an event far bigger in scale and one that provides lengthier repercussions than the Loughner shooting – namely a terror attack on the scale of Oklahoma City that can be blamed on his political opposition – a scenario envisioned by two prominent former advisors to Bill Clinton.

Democrat operatives Mark Penn and Robert Shapiro have both gone on record to candidly state that a new terror attack is the only method through which Obama will regain his popularity.

In July last year, Shapiro, former undersecretary of commerce for economic affairs during Clinton’s tenure, was quoted in a Financial Times article [10] in which he lamented Obama’s “growing credibility crisis” and cited the necessity for a new OKC bombing or 9/11-style event.

“The bottom line here is that Americans don’t believe in President Obama’s leadership,” said Shapiro, adding, “He has to find some way between now and November of demonstrating that he is a leader who can command confidence and, short of a 9/11 event or an Oklahoma City bombing, I can’t think of how he could do that.”

Just two months ago, pollster Mark Penn, one of Clinton’s most influential advisors, explained to Chris Matthews’ Hardball show how [11] Clinton “really clicked with the American public” after the Oklahoma City bombing and that Obama needed a “similar defining moment”.


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