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Obama Joker Poster Greets Barry Soetoro In Santiago As Chileans Protest

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Santiago, Chile: Ready to greet Barry Soetoro on his tour of South America is this Obama Joker poster with the words “Google Fall Of The Republic” written underneath. Fall of the Republic is of course Alex Jones’ documentary, seen by millions, that exposes how Obama is a puppet for the Wall Street elite. The poster also has a “V For Victory” scrawled on it.

Angry Chileans protested against Obama’s “militaristic policies” [2] this weekend in Santiago. Chilean President Sebastian Pinera and President Obama are set to meet Monday.

Obama launches Latin America tour in Brazil

An altered poster of US President Barack Obama is seen at a street of Santiago, Chile. US President Barack Obama arrived in Brazil, calling for bolstering economic ties between the United States and Latin America to open new markets and create more jobs.
(AFP/Claudio Santana)