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Obama To Replace Washington On Dollar Bill?

FastCoDesign [1]
Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It took George Washington 72 years to get on the front of the dollar bill. SF-UK design firm Dowling Duncan [2] wants to put Barack Obama on it now. In blue.

The Obama bill anchors their sweeping concept for redesigning U.S. banknotes, which also includes plastering a tepee on the five, the Bill of Rights on the 10, and FDR on the 100 — each in its own technicolor hue. The impetus: The greenback has an image problem. It has come to represent everything that’s wrong with the American economy, and worse, with its cartoonish graphics and vaguely sinister styling, it actually looks the part. Dowling Duncan [2]’s scheme, though purely hypothetical (it’s an entry in the The Dollar ReDe$ign Project [3] competition) is about imbuing U.S. currency with sunny new meaning. Their bills are designed to be educational, intuitive, and, to put it plainly, make America feel like it sucks a little bit less.

Full story here. [1]