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Obama’s Even Slimmer Margin

Michael S. Rozeff
The LRC Blog [1]
November 14, 2012

There are 207.6 million eligible voters in the U.S. The number who voted is 123.7 million. About 40.4 percent didn’t vote.

Applying the Austrian economic analysis, we can conclude that 40.4 percent of possible voters, for many reasons, did not find it worthwhile to vote or found that the costs of voting exceeded the potential benefits. This non-vote is, in effect, a vote against their government and against any candidate for president. The preceding conclusion is solid as a rock. But I’d go further and speculate that their non-vote is, in effect, a vote against the system of voting.

Obama won with 62.6 million votes. He got 30.2 percent of eligible voters’ possible votes. What he should do is immediately resign. He has failed even to get any reasonable fraction of his countrymen behind his presidency. Romney, of course, did slightly worse.