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Official doubts anti-Islam film creator’s identity

Jerusalem Post [1]
Sept 13, 2012

LOS ANGELES – Everyone was looking for Sam Bacile on Wednesday, but nobody seemed to even know if he existed.

A high-ranking Israeli official in Los Angeles said that after numerous inquiries, it appeared that no one in the Hollywood film industry or in the local Israeli community knew of Bacile, the supposed Israeli-born director/scriptwriter of the incendiary Innocence of Muslims that stirred an attack on the US mission in Libya and the killing of US Ambassador John Christopher Stevens.

A US-based Egyptian Christian, Morris Sadek, who promoted the film on his blog on behalf of the National American Coptic, said on Wednesday that Bacile, β€œan American,” was behind the film.

Clips of the film showed a scrappy production portraying the Muslim prophet Muhammad variously as bloodthirsty, a womanizer, a homosexual, a child abuser, a fool and a religious fake.

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