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Official Report of Israeli Assassinations in Iran

Lew Rockwell Blog [1]
Sept 25, 2012

U.S. officials are openly saying [2] some things about Israel’s participation in assassinations and sabotage inside Iran that they haven’t said publicly before. This publicity accompanies leaks that Obama will remove MEK [3] from its terror list.

The U.S. officials say that MEK has worked with the Israelis. MEK, known for past terrorism, denies this. MEK has sought to rehabilitate and/or muddy up its image and become a “pro-democracy” group in Iran, presumably to be supported by the Western powers in their efforts to change the Iranian form of government. This means that it can continue terrorism but it will be Western terrorism.

It’s clear that the sophisticated attacks on Iranian facilities and the murders of their scientists can be traced to a sophisticated Israeli source like Mossad. Since this can no longer be denied, it serves Obama’s purposes to leak it now via anonymous officials. This fends off Romney’s charges that Obama is soft on Iran and foreign policy in general. Israel is useful to Obama as a covered pawn, and so is MEK. Obama need not yet remove MEK, but for election purposes he can get by until the election and defuse the vocal Republican warmongers by leaking a possible action on MEK.