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Officials back off account of FBI agent who shot man in Orlando

Fox Orlando [1]
May 23, 2013

FOX 35 News Orlando [2]

An FBI incident review team from Washington, D.C., is in Orlando today, a day after a Russian man who knew Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev was shot dead by an agent.

Federal and Central Florida law enforcement agencies are still collecting and processing evidence from the shooting scene at a condominium complex on Peregrine Avenue, near Kirkman Road and Universal Orlando, where Ibragim Todashev was shot early Wednesday.

Initially, FBI officials said Todashev, 27, became violent and lunged at an agent with a knife while he was being questioned about Tsarnaev and anĀ unsolved 2011 triple murder in the Boston suburb of Waltham [3]. The agent, acting on an “imminent threat,” then shot Todashev, they said.

However, later in the day, some of those officials had backed off that preliminary account, and it’s no longer clear what happened in the moments before the fatal shooting, The Associated Press reported.

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