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Open Borders Lily Allen Claims No Space for Migrants in Her Luxury London Pad

Breitbart [1]
May 9, 2018

Singer and pro-mass migration campaigner Lily Allen has said she does not have enough space in her luxury London flat to take in any asylum seekers despite earlier promises.

The pop star has previously implied the British people should be ashamed for not taking in more migrants, whilst apologizing [2] “on behalf of my country” for the migrant crisis in October 2016.

Speaking to the BBC at the migrant camp when asked if she would house a “child migrant,” Allen tearfully replied: “100 per cent. Who wouldn’t?

“These children are being displaced – if there’s room for people in my house I’m going to take them in. I think anyone would.”

Now nearly two years later Allen was asked [3] if she had acted on the promise, and how many migrants she had housed. Speaking to the Guardian, she replied:

“None. To be honest, I don’t think social services would let me take in any refugees with my reputation. If I had a really big house I would, but all my bedrooms are occupied with children.”

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