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Osama bin Laden death: What to do with body poses dilemma for US

Officials will be wary of creating shrine or feeding conspiracy theories, while honouring Islamic burial traditions

London Guardian [1]
May 2, 2011

Osama bin Laden is dead but the al-Qaida leader is still posing difficult questions for US intelligence and security officials: notably, what to do with his body?

The US authorities are doing DNA tests to ensure they have got the right man; and they have taken possession of his body to make sure no myths of “escape” build up.

An official said the DNA results would be known within a few days. In the meantime US authorities must deal with the thorny problem of what to do with his remains.

Senior US officials told news agencies that his body would be buried in accordance with Islamic tradition. But it is not clear yet what they mean. Islamic custom often involves the bathing, shrouding and burial of a body within 24 hours.

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