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Over 650 snow records set in USA last week

Watts Up With That? [1]
Feb 25, 2013

While pundits spin attempts at linking snowfall in the Northeast USA to AGW [2], much like they do in the summer during heat waves, we find that Nature is just taunting them with snow as far south as the Mexican border in Arizona. And there is more to come, in the next week, we may see snow into Florida. During the last week, 652 new snow records were set in the CONUS as seen in the map below:

CONUS_Snow_records_2-23-13 [3]

The record furthest south, in Paradise, AZ, of 6.3 inches snowfall, beat the old 2 inch record going all the way back to 1896. Paradise, AZ is just 40 miles from the Mexican border. You can see all the snow records yourself here [4].

Full article here [1]