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Own a drone: Fine. But fly a drone with a cam: Year in the clink

Bill Ray
The Register [1]
Feb 19, 2013

Anyone in Oregon owning a drone fitted with a camera could be jailed for six months, or a year if it’s caught flying, if a new state law is passed. The rules were proposed to tackle, among other things, peeping toms gazing into bedroom windows.

Draft legislation before the Oregon State Senate would, if put into the statute books, make the act of attaching a camera to a flying machine illegal. The punishment is six months in the cooler; flying such a drone would be twice as bad – comparable to drink-driving or carrying a concealed gun.

The bills were proposed anonymously, but local paperĀ The Oregonian identified Senator Floyd Prozanski as the chap trying to ban photo-snapping machines that can hover by windows. Law-abiding drone enthusiasts argued against the draft rules in this video:

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