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Pakistani intelligence official: ISI Was On Site During Osama Raid

Comment: Interesting in the light of several other reports suggesting that Pakistani authorities were completely unaware of the presence of US special forces.

Flashback: Intimate links between ISI, CIA, Al Qaeda exposed [1]

May 2, 2011


U.S. officials have taken custody of bin Laden’s body. No Americans were harmed in the operation in Pakistan and U.S. forces took care to avoid civilian casualties,┬áthe President┬ásaid.

CNN’s Nick Paton Walsh reports, citing a senior Pakistani intelligence official, that members of Pakistan’s intelligence service – the ISI – were on site in Abbotabad, Pakistan, during the operation that killed Osama bin Laden. The official said he did not know who fired the shot that actually killed Bin Laden.

Full article here [2]

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