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Paranoia And Passion, Not Reason And Reality, Drives Conflict Between USrael and Iran

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Saman Mohammadi
The Excavator
January 7, 2012

” O THOU, who dost permit these Ills to fall,
For gracious Ends, and wouldst, that Man should mourn!
O THOU, whose Hands this goodly Fabric fram’d,
Who know’st it best, and wouldst, that Man should know!
What is this sublunary World? A Vapour;
A Vapour, all it holds; Itself a Vapour;
From the damp Bed of Chaos, by Thy Beam
Exhal’d, ordain’d to swim its destin’d Hour,
In ambient Air, then melt, and disappear;
Earth’s Days are number’d, nor remote her Doom;
As Mortal, tho’ less Transient, than her Sons;
Yet they doat on her, as the World, and They,
Were both Eternal, Solid; THOU, a Dream.
They doat, on What? Immortal Views apart,
A Region of Outsides! a Land of Shadows!” – Edward Young,Night-Thoughts.

The tensions between USrael and Iran have to be consistently raised by all three dictatorships in Washington, Tel Aviv, and Tehran, because they each depend on a state of war and a state of fear to rationalize their parasitic existence and authoritarian domestic policies.

The dictatorships in America and Israel achieve this tyrannical feat by generating paranoia and fear through the press about the Iranian nuclear program and twisting reality to make Iran look like an irrational nation that is singularly interested in the destruction of Israel.

As R.F. Goggin, editor of The New World Reporter, wrote in his article“A Raging State Of Paranoia”:

“In this day and age, in order for a Washington politician or bureaucrat to stay relevant or stable within some comfortable salary or station, they are going tell you that in this super-power in which you live, that you are simply ‘not safe.’ They are going to warn you about terrorists in our midst, whom for all intents and purposes, have already fulfilled their mission of sowing a very real sense of fear and disharmony into the American psyche. Is it really worth keeping ourselves safe at all freedom-loving cost, if we’re to all but cower against an unseen enemy on U.S. soil?”

Iran’s magicians of tyranny do not need to manufacture senseless fear and paranoia about the USraeli threat to their national existence. Their job in this department is a lot easier. They can just point to the U.S. bases around their country, and to the threatening words that are made daily by the current Israeli leadership.

Whereas the government magicians in America and Israel control the collective mind with paranoia and fear, the Ayatollahs see that it is in their best interests to focus most of their attention on controlling the collective heart of Iran with passion and emotion. Although different, both techniques accomplish the same goal: suppress dissent.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

If an Iranian dissenter criticizes the foundations of the Islamic system, the Ayatollahs respond with the tool of passion and label the dissenters a traitor. Even reasonable criticism and dissent is not prohibited, because if the system opens up it is doomed to disappear from the pages of history.

All three dictatorships use the techniques of paranoia and passion interchangeably, but the Ayatollahs mix government poison with religious passion more regularly (i.e. the choreographed storming of the British embassy in late November).

Tyrants know that creating fear is not enough to control a population: you must also make millions of disenfranchised individuals dedicate their bleeding hearts to you and your system.

The crazy hardliners in Washington and Tel Aviv understood the powerful trick of emotion, and they displayed their intelligence by pulling on the collective heartstrings on 9/11.

The false flag September 11 attacks generated intense passion in America against the invented Islamic enemy called Al-Qaeda, and Muslim countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran. But that passion against the “enemy” has died down because the government magicians have not orchestrated another false flag attack since 9/11, and genuine terrorist attacks have not taken place.

In the long window of time between September 11, 2001 to 2012, there has been no major acts of false flag terrorism in the United States. But don’t expect this trend to continue. Since the U.S./NWO Empire needs periodic acts of manufactured terror to function as a global power and remain relevant in the lives of Americans, more false flag drama is being scripted.

As Alex Jones said on Friday, January 6, on his radio show: “The system is going to stage a bunch of terrorist attacks against their minions to get them all hyped up to have a war with the American people. That’s what being prepared. And I keep telling you this since I went to urban warfare drills more than thirteen, fourteen years ago, and witnessed them training to come to your house and take your guns.”

Such state violence will be directed at the American people and countries in the Middle East like Iran, Syria, and Pakistan. The sacrifice of innocent Americans by the NWO and Zionist terrorists will re-energize the spirit of war and hate in America.

The lack of passionate hatred in the American heart against Iran is a serious obstacle to the geopolitical goals of the new world order cabal. The mass murderers and psychopaths in Washington know that it is tough to sell an endless war against terror and foreign enemies without creating endless hatred and paranoia.

And they also know that without staging a false flag attack they will not get their war against Iran. They need blood and ashes to grease the wheels of the war machine. It is as simple as that. No domestic blood means no foreign war. And no foreign war means no domestic power.

For the magicians in Washington and Tel Aviv to fabricate plots about Iranian assassination attempts and nuclear ambitions is pathetic and weak. The masses don’t respond emotionally to government fairytales unless there is blood involved. The tragic loss of innocence is what made 9/11 so successful in convincing America and the world that America was under attack by extremist outsiders. It was an act of state magic, not just of state terror.

More acts of state magic are needed before the state terrorists in Washington and Tel Aviv can attack Iran. Despite being criminal mass murderers, they still recognize that morality is part of war.

Whoever attacks first will lose.

So, we can expect in the year ahead a false flag provocation by USrael in the Persian Gulf or somewhere else that will be blamed on Iran.

This article was posted: Saturday, January 7, 2012 at 3:37 am

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