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Pastor Terry Jones Calls off Koran Burning, Ground Zero Mosque May Be Moved

ABC News [1]
Thursday, September 9, 2010

UPDATE: Fla. imam: No deal to move NYC mosque [2]

Pastor Terry Jones today canceled his plan to burn Korans at his Florida church after claiming he has struck a deal with a New York Muslim cleric to relocate the so-called Ground Zero mosque.

Jones emerged from his church in Gainesville, Fla., to announce his decision which he said came after days of prayer and said he viewed the supposed deal as “a sign from God.”

The fiery pastor said that Imam Abdel Rauf, the leader behind the Ground Zero mosque in Manhattan, will meet with him in New York on Saturday.



“He has agreed to move it,” Jones said referring to the Ground Zero Islamic cultural center and mosque. “And we have agreed to cancel our event on Saturday.”

“Americans don’t want the mosque there and of course Muslims don’t want us to burn Korans,” said Jones.

Jones appeared with Imam Muhammad al-Masri of the Islamic Society of Central Florida who said “the placement of the mosque near Ground Zero is unnecessary and it has become a clear provocation to many people to be violent against mosques across the nation.”

Full story here. [1]