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PC Brigade: British Army Ditches ‘Gender Specific’ Titles Like Rifleman

Breitbart [1]
December 17, 2018

The British Army is to scrap role titles like “rifleman” and “infantryman” for the more gender-neutral “infantry soldier” and “infanteer”.

The briefing document, seen [2] by the Mail on Sunday, also said that any training manuals with “gender specific” language will have to be thrown out to not be exclusionary to women recruits.

“Gender specific terms are to be removed from all doctrine, policy, orders and instructions at the SCHINF [School of Infantry] and their use discouraged,” the Doctrine and Concepts policy document reads.

“The IBS [Infantry Battle School, Brecon, Wales] is to ensure gender specific terms are removed from the next edition of Infantry Platoon Tactics and the Brecon Battle Book,” it adds.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence confirmed the changes to the tabloid, but said they will not affect historic rank titles such as “Guardsman”.

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