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Pentagon set to activate global missile defense for NKorean missile test

Bill Gertz
The Washington Times [1]
Nov 29, 2012

The Pentagon [2] is preparing to activate global missile defenses for an expected test launch of another long-range missile by North Korea [3], U.S. defense officials said.

Intelligence agencies are closely watching a North Korean missile launch site amid signs a test-firing will take place in the next two months, U.S. officials said, echoing reports from South Korea [4] and Japan [5].

One official said the indicators from the launch site appear to be “a replay of the April launch, hopefully with the same success.”

North Korea [3]’s last Taeopodong-2 missile was test-fired April 13 in what defense officials said was a failure shortly after the first stage lifted off.

Commercial satellite images from Friday and made public by DigitalGlobe [6] revealed increased activity associated with a forthcoming missile launch at the North Korea [3]’s Dongchang-ri launch site in the northwestern part of the country.

Full story here. [1]