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Pentagon speaks with SEAL team, calls book’s account of bin Laden raid wrong

Jeremy Herb
The Hill [1]
Sept 9, 2012

Pentagon officials are calling the new book with a firsthand account of the Osama bin Laden raid inaccurate, after contacting other members of the SEAL team to re-confirm the details.

CNN reports [2] that Adm. William McRaven, chief of U.S. Special Operations Command, contacted the SEAL members after the book “No Easy Day” contradicted the Obama administration’s account of the raid.

The Obama administration had said that bin Laden was armed and standing when Navy SEALs entered his room in his Abbottabad, Pakistan compound. The book said bin Laden was shot by the “point man” when he poked his head out as SEALs went up the stairs. By the time the SEALs entered his room he was on the ground, and the weapons in the room were empty.

But Pentagon officials have concluded that the book’s author, writing under the pseudonym “Mark Owen,” was wrong, telling CNN that bin Laden was in fact standing when they entered and posed a direct threat. One official said the initial shots may have missed bin Laden, and speculated that the author may not have seen him standing because he was a few seconds behind the lead SEAL.

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