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Philadelphia imposes ‘flash mob’ curfew

AFP [1]
Aug 9, 2011

PHILADELPHIA — Philadelphia announced Monday a nighttime curfew for minors in its historic downtown in an attempt to stop flash mob invasions by rampaging teenagers.

The measure was the latest effort to secure a city famous as the site of the signing of the US Declaration of Independence and drafting of the US Constitution, but which has spent years trying to overcome violent crime.

Starting Friday, anyone under 18 will be subjected to the 9:00 pm curfew Friday and Saturday nights. Teens caught violating the curfew could be fined between $100 to $300, while parents get a warning for the first violation and face up to $500 in fines for subsequent violations.

“Let this be a message to any others who think that participating in flash mobs is acceptable or fun — don’t do it,” District Attorney Seth Williams said.

“We will apprehend you, prosecute you and send you away. You will not damage the reputation of our great city.”

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