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Pics from Rihanna’s Show: All About Police State and Transhumanism

Vigilant Citizen [1]
Aug 11, 2010

Here are some pics taken from Rihanna’s concert in Montreal, Canada on August 7th. The themes that have been described in the article The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda [2]were present in full force and then some.



^ Rihanna surrounded by militaristic figures. Notice the emphasis on one eye on the soldiers.


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^ Rihanna sitting on the cannon of a tank wearing a Mickey Mouse hat was described in The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda  [2] as a very symbolic scene in the video titled Hard. The importance of that symbol seem to have been reckognized as Rihanna re-enacts it in all of her shows. Sitting on a phallic cannon, Rihanna wears a Mickey Mouse hat which symbolizes mind control.


^ Backup dancers with “added” robotic parts. A tribute to transhumanism.