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Piers Morgan Says He’s Coming to Conquer America

Prison Planet.com
December 20, 2012

In response to CNN host Piers Morgan’s attack [1] on American’s gun rights and our 2nd Amendment, including his sarcastic remark at being gleeful [2] in the wake of the Connecticut school massacre, Twitter users are trending the hashtag #PiersMorganMovies, turning popular film titles around on him to make a point about his obvious anti-gun agenda:


Apparently unable to resist the trend, Morgan decided to come back with a few edited movie titles of his own:


Social media users have repeatedly asked Morgan to address issues such as the government’s perpetration of Operation Fast and Furious [3] that put guns in the hands of Mexican drug cartels to purposely undermine the 2nd Amendment and Obama’s drone strikes [4] killing nearly 200 children in Pakistan alone, but so far, Morgan has failed to respond.