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PolarBearGate: Charles Monnett’s wife ‘peer-reviewed’ his polar bear paper!

Tom Nelson [1]
Aug 2, 2011

If you read through the Gleason transcript and theĀ Monnett transcript [2], it’s pretty difficult to believe that Monnett’s current troubles have absolutely nothing to do with his junk polar bear paper.

After co-authoringĀ the paper [3] suggesting that global warming killed the allegedly dead polar bears, Gleason now suggests that evidence of AGW is “somebody else’s issue”.

Gleason is questioned about the ridiculous 25% survival calculation in his paper; he’s asked why he could get clear pictures of whales, but not dead polar bears; he’s asked why his only photos appear to be manipulated; he’s asked whether he’s sure that the same dead polar bear wasn’t seen more than once. He’s also questioned on the “pal review” on this paper (Monnett’s wife was a reviewer). He’s also asked why no more dead polar bears were seen in subsequent years, if global warming killed the bears in 2004.

Gleason says the airplane circled all dead polar bears to get a better look. On page 25 of the Monnett transcript, Monnett agrees, but then contradicts himself on page 29, when he says “I know some of them, we didn’t circle on. We just kept going. We, we identified them, um, you know, flying by.” Note that the paper says “Swimming and floating polar bears are difficult to see from the survey’s standard 457m altitude even under ideal conditions.”

Transcript of an interview with Jeffrey Gleason | Environment | guardian.co.uk [4]

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