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Police arrest man for peacefully protesting red light cameras

Robby Soave
Daily Caller [1]
September 19, 2013

Protesting without a permit? You’re under arrest.

That was the experience of Mark Schmidter, who was recently arrested and jailed for 11 hours for protesting Apopka, Florida’s red light cameras.

Schmidter, a libertarian activist, stood at a local intersection and handed out flyers to drivers who were stopped during red lights. The flyers denounced red light cameras as a moneymaking scheme for the police department.

A police officer eventually arrived on the scene and arrested Schmidter for protesting without a permit and obstructing a public street. An argument ensued: Schmidter refused to give his name until he could speak with legal counsel, and the officer refused to provide legal counsel until Schmidter revealed his name.

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