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Police In UK City Set Up “Baghdad Style Checkpoints”

Manchester Evening News [1]
Wednesday, July 8, 2009

POLICE are to blockade neighbourhoods with Baghdad-style checkpoints in a bid to catch criminals.

A hand-picked team of officers are setting up roadblocks as part of a series of lightning strikes on crime hotspot areas.

GMP is thought to be the first force in Britain to trial the new tactic from Wednesday. Civil liberties campaigners say they will monitor how it works.



US police in Washington were criticised last year after they set up security checkpoints following a spate of shootings.

Critics compared the approach to the security clampdown in Baghdad. Traffic officers will set up checkpoints using number-plate recognition technology. Officers from the force’s Tactical Vehicle Crime Unit will also be deployed with intercept cars and motorbikes.

Neighbourhood officers and a drugs dog will also patrol the checkpoints. Police say the areas to be targeted will be identified by intelligence officers.

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