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Police invite public to shop their neighbours for speeding

Paul Sims
UK Daily Mail [1]
Monday, Aug 18, 2008

They have cut the number of traffic officers and at the same time they have four times as many speed cameras.

Yet the latest scheme being introduced by Northumbria Police to catch motorists breaking the law involves neither.

Instead, they are now relying on the naked eye of the general public – giving them the power to shop anyone they suspect of speeding.

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Information passed to the police – including the driver’s registration number, gender, and date of alleged offence – will then be stored on a controversial new database.

Without using any technology or scientific calculation they will be trusted to supply accurate information based solely on their judgment of speed.

After two reports officers will visit the alleged offender and then, after three, make them a target to look out for.

Residents in the Northumberland village of Swarland will be the first to try out the scheme, but if successful it could be rolled out across the county.

But the latest attempt to catch speeding drivers has been condemned by motoring organisations who claimed the new approach would give rise to ‘vigilantes’.

A spokesman for the Association of British Drivers said: ‘Northumbria Police are out of their minds.

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