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Police State 4: Resistance Is Not Futile

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The sleeping giant of free humanity is stirring from its slumber as the shadow of tyranny darkens the door

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Monday, April 20, 2010

Alex Jones’ latest documentary film arrives with a warning – no human being who wishes to remain free can close their eyes and plug their ears anymore to the reality that a dictatorial global regime enforced by a cadre of vicious thugs is now firmly moving into position, and that it will impact their lives unless they join the growing undercurrent of spiritually awake humans who have resolved to resist the many facets of its tyranny.

Police State 4: The Rise Of FEMA lands tomorrow, April 21st, and it’s imperative that Infowarriors the world over fire up those DVD burners once again as part of another information salvo against the New World Order, buoyed by recent success as more and more people globally cast off the chains of their brainwashing and their manipulated view of themselves as weak, intellectually impotent bystanders who in reality, working together with millions of others, really can change the world for the better and secure the future of their species.

Almost two decades ago, the world was aghast at video footage showing the beating of Rodney King, a shocking example of police brutality that made so many headlines because American cops engaging in such behavior was still relatively rare.

Now almost 20 years on, you can visit You Tube and find similar examples of egregious police brutality, oppression, and harassment on an almost daily basis. Images of police beating protesters and other innocent bystanders to a pulp has become a normality as America sinks into a condition resembling any tin pot corrupt third world dictatorship where free speech is met with the blunt force of a leather-gloved fist or the jolt of a 50,000 volt taser.

No one can deny that America is now run by a brutal police state that has trained its enforcers that the American people are the enemy and that dissent and free speech is on a par with domestic terrorism.

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Just as Invisible Empire put the final nail in the coffin of any doubt that a dictatorial global regime is being imposed to collectively boss this takeover, Police State 4 reveals conclusively that the face of this new empire will not be the all-loving, all-embracing benevolent global government that we have been sold on by leftists and progressives, but a hardcore boot in the face of humanity tyranny that will aggressively crush anyone who dares speak out against it.


Police State 4: The Rise Of FEMA chronicles the sickening depths to which our republic has fallen. Veteran documentary filmmaker Alex Jones conclusively proves the existence of a secret network of FEMA camps, now being expanded nationwide. The military industrial complex is transforming our once free nation into a giant prison camp. A cashless society control grid, constructed in the name of fighting terrorism, was actually built to enslave the American people. Body scanners, sound cannons, citizen spies, staged terror and cameras on every street corner — it’s only the beginning of the New World Order’s hellish plan.

This film exposes how the “Continuity of Government” program has established an all powerful shadow state. Prepare to enter the secretive world of emergency dictatorship, FEMA camps, and a shredded Constitution. Witness police and military savagely attacking innocent citizens as our own government unleashes false flag operations to justify its oppression. Then watch as Alex Jones takes on corrupt mercenary police and exposes mainstream media brainwashing.

The success and impact of this film in contributing to the global awakening now taking place will only be measured by the time and effort that Infowarriors invest in getting the movie out there and exposing new people to this information for the first time.

The sleeping giant of free humanity is slowly stirring from its slumber, and as the police state squeezes tighter and tighter, as the shadow of tyranny darkens the door of society, the accelerated awakening will only quicken yet further. Now is your opportunity to make a vital contribution to that mass awakening.

Get the DVD today and make copies, or get a Prison Planet.tv membership, download the movie and share it with others.

Time is short but if the last year or two has shown us anything, it’s the fact that we are, slowly but surely, making a difference by changing the way people view both their own role and purpose on this planet, as well as crushing the manipulated brainwashing being imposed on us all that attempts to sell the illusion that resistance is futile.

This article was posted: Tuesday, April 20, 2010 at 11:06 am

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