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Police Taser Man Nine Times For Carrying Toy Gun In Briefcase Bought As Gift For His Son

Sandra Laville
London Guardian [1]
Thursday, November 24, 2011

The father of two said he had been sitting on the train when he first saw officers. “I was sitting near an elderly English man and I asked if I could read his FT. I was sitting reading the FT when these four officers rushed on to the carriage.

“Someone sitting by me raised his hands and said: ‘I’ve done nothing wrong.’ I saw everyone in the carriage leaving, and I picked up my briefcase and paper to get up to leave.

“The police shouted: ‘Sit down.’ So I sat down patiently. They said: ‘Open your briefcase,’ which I did. They saw the toy gun. Then a male police officer opened fire with a gun which jammed.

“So then they jumped at me and used the Taser four times at my chest. That did not have any effect, I felt no current. They then held me down, grabbed on to my head and pinned me down and shot me in the back of the head with the Taser three times and I felt the current.

Full story here. [1]