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Police to Wear Ear-Cams to Record Arrests

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

The San Jose Police Department will be the first law enforcement agency in the nation to use new ear-mounted video and audio recorders on the streets.

The goal of the new device is to provide more details into arrests and other situations.

The department has ordered 72 of the cameras, which are built by Taser International, and plans to deploy them later this month. They will be used as part of a one-year pilot program.

The cameras are designed to capture video from the point of view of the officer in the hope that they can assist in more accurate reports and provide a stronger defense if their actions are called in to question.

According to Taser, the products will operate in a buffer mode until activated by an officer. Once activated, they begin permanently recording footage including buffered shots taken 30 to 60 seconds before activation.

They can store up to 10 ½ hours before needing to be cleared. The video and audio can be played back in the field or downloaded to a computer for viewing and storage.

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