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POLITICO Unloads On Ron Paul

Ology [1]
January 10, 2012

POLITICO’s writers James Hohmann and Charles Mahtesian took Texas Rep. Ron Paul’s campaign which they find has not nearly enough “hope and change” rhetoric for their liking. In their cover piece, “Ron Paul on the 2012 Trail: 1,000 points of darkness [2],” which was released just hours before the first votes were cast in the crucial New Hampshire Republican primary, follows Ron Paul’s stump speeches and concludes that Paul’s view of America is that of a dark place where freedom is but a memory.

“It’s a nation that permits the assassination [3] of private citizens, a place where the military [4] can arrest you at will. The unemployment [5] rate is higher than officials let on. The economy [6] is careening toward crisis. Violent street demonstrations are on the horizon. The government edges toward tyranny and dictatorship,” opens the POLITICO piece. “Welcome to Ron Paul’s [7] America.”

The authors criticize Paul for his rhetoric and contrast his campaign to that of former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman’s campaign speeches. Huntsman is perhaps the Democrat’s most beloved Republican presidential candidate and is poised to outperform expectations in New Hampshire on Tuesday.

POLITICO does note, however, that Paul’s views about the slippery slope towards authoritarianism are shared by many of his most ardent supporters.

The POLITICO piece ends on a slightly snide note, saying that “for all his sky-is-falling rhetoric, at one recent event Paul pointed out that there is a reason for hope: his campaign.” I think we get it.

However, should Paul underperform in the coming primaries in South Carolina and Florida, as the polls presently suggest he will, no doubt his supporters will suggest that the United States will have forever lost its way having given up on the one true champion that could have righted the ship of state.

Indeed, the first comment on the POLITICO article comes from a self-identified “independent” who says “Ron Paul or Doom. What will it be America?