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POLL: 76% of Muslims Are Against Killing Civilians. Only One Problem

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Louder With Crowder
August 2, 2017

Everyone knows leftists are soft on Islam. Feel like spitting out some facts about the trigger happy disciples of Allah? You’ll get nothing but hostility and accusations of “Islamophobia” from progressives. Even you women who dare say hijabs are oppressive. Know your place, ladies.

If you ask the left, all is well in peaceful Islam. In fact, leftists are gaga over this new poll. It shows 76% of Muslims disagree with murdering innocent civilians:

A new survey of political and social attitudes among the US Muslims shows that over three-quarters of the community rejects violence against civilians in the name of religious or political beliefs.

The survey, released on July 26 by the Pew Research organization, revealed that 76 percent of respondents agreed with the contention that “targeting and killing civilians can never be justified to further a political, social or religious cause.” Eight percent believed such actions were justified “rarely,” while a further 12 percent believed terrorist killing is “sometimes” or “often” justified.

Wait just a minute. Aren’t these leftists missing a bigger point? 76 percent of Muslims may not support murdering innocent “civilians.” Kudos to them for participating in Human Rights 101. We won’t get into how Muslims define “innocents” mostly because we’ve already covered it. Read Moderate Muslims in Their Own Words and Laws.

Put on your thinking caps, you STEM adherents. Doing the math, 76 from 100 still leaves one-in-four Allah fanboys who have no problem perishing a civilian or two. That’s a bit more than a statistical anomaly.

bruce lee think

These numbers aren’t surprising. News archives are saturated with tales of Sharia-compliant dude-bros who were willing to spill blood to get their 72 virgins. Don’t believe me? Just wait a few weeks until another radical Islamist gets impatient and kills some kids for Allah.

Oh, you’re saying 24% of Muslims being totes fine with killing people is a big improvement? Okay, let’s play a game. What if one-in-four Christians were all “let’s decorate the walls with the blood of infidels”? Or what if the poll found “one in four Christians wants to hang gay people”? You’d never hear an end to leftists’ shrill cries.

But, being the would-be mass murderers belonging to a leftist protected class, leftists and media are willing to give Islamists a pass. “So what if one-in-four are cool with splattering our brains on the sidewalk. At least the other three are chill to the max.” Again, ask them to define “innocents.” It’s a fun story.

slap forehead

Only a leftist could look at the numbers in that poll and ignore the yuge problem staring them right in the hijab-ed face. Three-quarters of Muslims may be decent people who mean well. But, the other fourth present a big problem to anyone who likes booze, women’s rights, having pet dogs, or devouring crispy strips of bacon.

This article was posted: Wednesday, August 2, 2017 at 6:01 am

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