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Poll: Less Than 1/3 Of Americans Believe “Most Scientists Agree” On Global Warming

Majority oppose cap and trade if it means higher energy bills

Steve Watson,
Tuesday, Dec 15, 2009

An Associated Press-Stanford University poll [1] (PDF) released today shows that just 31% of Americans believe that experts agree on the science behind global warming.

Question 22 in the poll asked “Do you think most scientists agree with one another about whether or not global warming is happening, or do you think there is a lot of disagreement among scientists on this issue?”

66% of respondants said that in their opinion “most scientists disagree”.

The figures suggest that the public is not buying into the notion that a “scientific consensus” believes global warming is caused by human activity.

As we know, the establishment likes to engage in regular mass public deception by claiming the debate about global warming is over and any dissent is tantamount to holocaust denial, despite the fact that hundreds of scientists [2] have challenged the contention of the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change.

Unsurprisingly, the AP chose not to report on this figure in its write up [3], instead focusing on a figure of 40 percent, still a minority, saying they thought U.S. action to slow global warming in the future would create jobs, and quoting “a self-described fan of environmentalist and former Vice President Al Gore.”

The poll also indicated that a majority of 59% would refuse to support cap-and-trade legislation if it meant paying $10 extra a month for electricity.

75% of respondents said they would oppose the cap-and-trade system if it raised their electricity bill by $25 a month.

Overwheling majorities of 78% and 77% respectively said they opposed increasing taxes on electricity and increasing energy prices as a way for the Federal government to try to reduce global warming.

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