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Poll shows American support for US involvement in Afghanistan tanking

Carlo Munoz
The Hill [1]
March 12, 2012

Nearly 60 percent of all Americans think the war in Afghanistan is no longer worth fighting, with more than 50 percent saying U.S. troops should withdraw even if Afghan forces are not ready to fend for themselves.

The results were part of a Washington Post-ABC News [2] poll released late Sunday. Support for the decade-long war has continued to fall across the board among Republicans, Democrats and independents, according to the poll.

While disapproval of the war has been somewhat constant among Democrats, hovering between 61 percent and 68 percent, Republicans have seen a steep drop in support since 2009.

At that time, Republican backing of the war effort stood at 74 percent. Republicans are now evenly split, at 47 percent, on whether the war in Afghanistan has been worth the cost to the country, according to the new poll. Further, 55 percent of those polled believe most Afghans do not support U.S. and coalition efforts in the country.

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