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Polls Reveal Obama’s Plummeting Approval Ratings

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Support for Obama falls AGAIN for second time this week as monumental decline in popularity continues

Steve Watson
Wednesday, Sept 2, 2009

To say Barack Obama’s honeymoon period with the American people is over would be a gross understatement.

Figures from major pollsters confirm that the president’s approval rating is declining at an unprecedented rate, and by the hour.

Rasmussen’s Daily Presidential tracking Poll today shows that only 28% of the nation’s voters strongly approve of the way Obama is performing, down a further 2% from yesterday, with 40% strongly disapproving.

This gives the president an approval index rating of -12, again down another point on yesterday’s figures.

The Rasmussen Presidential Approval Index is calculated by subtracting the number who strongly disapprove from the number who strongly approve.

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The latest figures indicate that Obama’s public support has fallen by a whopping 41 index points since the beginning of the year.

Rasmussen puts Obama’s overall approval rating at 46%. Yesterday it fell to 45%, the lowest yet recorded by Rasmussen, representing a 20 point decline in just eight months. Check the trends figures here.

Roughly translated this means that one in every eight people that voted for Obama now disapprove of his performance.

But it gets worse for Obama according to Zogby, whose latest poll has Obama’s overall approval at just 42%.

Worse even than that for Obama is the fact that Zogby’s figures show approval for the president slipped by over 13 percent among Democrats, adding to a 6 point decline from figures obtained in July.

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While another poll, for CNN/Opinion Research Corp., has Obama’s approval rating at 53%, it still shows a decline of 23 points since he took office. The poll indicates that support for Obama among political independents has slipped dramatically.

According to Gallup, Obama has hit a new low of 50%, down 19 points from the start of his term.

What this all amounts to is that regardless of the specific numbers, the polling firms are showing a consistent and steep decline in support for Obama.

Obama’s approval demise now represents the third fastest ever decline for a president since World War II, behind only Gerald Ford and Bill Clinton.

Obama is also faring worse than George W. Bush in an analogous period of his presidency.


So, why has Obama’s approval plummeted so monumentally?

We would offer the following reading as a by no means extensive overview:

Protecting Bush officials who ordered torture from prosecution

Blocking the release of evidence of torture

Continuing the illegal practice of renditions

Continuing to oversee the torture of detainees

Failing in the promise to “reject the Military Commissions Act” and instead supporting the use of military commissions

Planning to create a formal program of preventive detention

Failing to close Guantanamo Bay or any other CIA black site

Increasing troops levels in Afghanistan and intensifying the war

Reversing the pledge to pull troops out of Iraq, and overseeing their permanent station there

Intensifying the illegal bombardment of missiles on Pakistan

Continuing to engage NORTHCOM in the militarization of America

Pushing forward the agenda to create a civilian workforce

Continuing the use of unconstitutional Presidential signing statements and executive orders after promising not to

Failing to overturn or even review Bush signing statements and executive orders that “trampled on liberty” after promising to do so

Continuing and expanding the illegal practice of warrantless wiretapping of American citizens

Promising not to hire lobbyists and then hiring lobbyists like there is no tomorrow for lobbyists

Failing in the promise to renegotiate NAFTA and instead continuing the secretive SPP North American Union agenda

Sneaking anti-second amendment legislation into fiscal stimulus bills

Presiding over an economic collapse by overseeing the theft of trillions in taxpayer dollars by offshore banks

Hiring those who helped engineer the financial collapse to “repair” it

Filling his administration with elitist CFR and Trilateral Commission members

Flipping 180 degrees on healthcare while attempting to nationalize it

Taking over national television programming to promote Obamacare and blocking any dissenting opinion

Shutting down the lawsuits of 9/11 families to protect Saudi business links

Pushing the cap and trade stealth tax and profiteering from the phony environmental movement

Hiring John P. Holdren as science czar given that he advocates radical population control and planetary geoengineering

etc etc etc…

This article was posted: Wednesday, September 2, 2009 at 12:14 pm

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