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Precipitation Enhancement: Active Weather Modification Campaigns

Treaty Issues: “Local, non-permanent changes, such as precipitation enhancement, hail suppression , fog and cloud dispersal, are permitted under the U. N. treaty.”

Robert Allison
Prison Planet.com [1]
Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New revelations have shed more light on weather modification programs, also referred to as geo-engineering, commonly called chem-trails. The “new” terminology, ‘Precipitation Enhancement‘, has revealed government and governmental contractors [2] have been dispersing chemicals into the atmosphere on a regular basis for decades, dating back to the 1950’s. This article is an attempt to remove the conspiracy theory label that has been attached to very real man-made phenomenon of weather modification.

Precipitation Enhancement programs are ongoing in Texas, California [3], Australia [4], China [5], Iran, [6] and many other locations worldwide [7]. The following programs are documented, and the websites below list the flight missions over Central and South Texas:

There are currently at least 10 precipitation programs [2] underway in Texas, covering more than 50 million acres, under the Edwards Aquifer Authority since 1999. California has cloud seeding programs underway under the authority of Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E).

Water management is the supposed justification for many of these programs, but upon further investigation, flash flooding and severe thunderstorms are typical results. This link takes you to a summary of some of the missions over South and Central Texas, and if you open the first two Daily Reports [8] (PDFs), flash floods, and severe storms the precipitation enhancement missions caused are documented. As a side note, flood insurance in Texas is hard to obtain.

The U.S. Military has been involved in weather modification for half a century, and the extent to which they have progressed is still unknown, however we do know that droughts, floods and general degradation of enemy forces are a few objectives the Air Force can produce. This document describes the known uses for military applications of weather modification [9], and this link will take you to a database of weather modification PDFs [10].


Waylon “Ben” Livingston [12], aka the father of weather weapons, in an interview with documentary film-maker Alex Jones [13], admitted the weather was being modified around the world, using what was learned a half-decade ago flooding the Ho Chi Minh trail in Vietnam.

We now have documentation revealing Geo-engineering (1) [14], (2) [15], (3) [16], (4) [17], Weather Modification (5 [10]), and Precipitation Enhancement (6) [12], from governments, universities, private companies and public companies such as water districts. The debate about whether or not chemicals are being dispersed in our sky on a regular basis should now shift to focusing on what recourse we the people have to stop these unnatural and harmful secret programs.

As stated above, “Local, non-permanent changes, such as precipitation enhancement, hail suppression, fog and cloud dispersal, are permitted under the U.N. treaty banning weather modification”, conveniently enough, due to legal loopholes. If you obtain a permit [2], you can modify the weather, just be sure to follow the 200 pages of guidelines [18].

Edwards Aquifer Precipitation Enhancement Program:

South Texas Weather Modification Program (Including Mission Briefs and Flight Path Maps):

South Texas Rain Enhancement Association:

PDF Documents Available At This Link: