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Predictive Programming: TV Movie Shows Riots, Quarantines and Mass Graves For Pandemic Flu

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Harold Gray
Just Get There Blog
Monday, August 3, 2009

The massive preparation of government for what they say is an imminent pandemic this fall, triggered my memory of images of riots, quarantines, and mass graves that appeared in a made-for-TV movie about a pandemic flu outbreak. My analysis of the film will contain detailed descriptions of the movie, so if you want to watch it first and then read my take, click here to watch the full movie compiled in video clips on this site. The YouTube links for the movie start here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZxWZe3JWNM
During sweeps, in prime time on May 9, 2006, ABC aired, “Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America.” The sensationalized movie, follows an American businessman who represents the first human to human transfer of the H5N1 Avian flu virus in Hong Kong. After contacting it from a worker in a shipping factory, he flies back home and later succumbs to the virus, becoming patient “zero” in America. Although it was a TV movie from three years ago, I still had memory of it. This is the very essence of predictive programming, suppressed memories of a situation that has been implanted through the use of Hollywood movies and television shows. The subject matter of the show will present a crisis that the public hasn’t been faced with, then present specific reactions that will subconsciously affect the viewers reasoned response if such an event occurs in the real world.

The fear effect of the movie was so strong the Department of Health and Human Services created an online viewer’s guide and Q&A for the film. The governments response depicted in the film is pretty accurate, except for the fact that this pandemic is killing in the hundreds of thousands by week four. Another fear trigger throughout the movie, is a fun little counter that quickly scrolls the number of deaths weekly.

Several scenes show people scrambling to hospitals for Tamiflu as the stockpiles dwindle. The nurses accurately point out that it doesn’t work for the virus due to a mutated resistant strain from the over medication of the antiviral. This presents another image of people in a state of panic wanting, and needing the antiviral, even though it doesn’t work. This is also true today, during the last flu season a Tamiflu resistant strain emerged. There has also been recent cases of swine flu that demonstrate resistance to the antiviral.

Behind the scenes watching the government operate, we hear several subordinates bring up the fact that the vaccine won’t work even when they receive it, but leaders such as the HHS secretary and governor respond by saying statements like; “that’s not the point” and “so, it gives the people hope”. These are ridiculous and dangerous statements, since the vaccines could be potentially as deadly and cause a mutation to occur. As we previously reported, health officials from the U.S. and the WHO, overseeing the clinical tests, state that the fast-tracked H1N1 vaccines will not be tested for safety and are potentially unsafe.

The quarantine meme was real strong throughout the movie, the governor of Virginia, the location of the first case, sealed himself and his entire administration in a bio-secure environment. The family of patient zero was also immediately quarantined after the husband died, and subsequently the entire neighborhood. The movie also presented some racial aspect by having the governor quarantine the predominately minority sections of the state. The plan of forced quarantines are very real, with provisions for fines up to $250,000 and a year in jail for non-compliance.

The most disturbing parts of the film are the scenes covering the mass graves. Governments in China and the U.S. begin mass graves and incineration, that has the look of a Nazi death camp. The bodies were treated like trash, and there was no reason for all of the slow dramatic panning and extended shots of the carnage, this is obviously a specific image that the producers wanted plant in you psyche. Complete fear, the realization that no one will bury you, no service, no family, no kind words or reflective thoughts, just fire. Given this gruesome aspect of the film, the HHS felt it was necessary to address the matter in their Q&A.

What will be done with the overwhelming number of deceased bodies if we have a severe, 1918-like pandemic as was depicted in the film?

Addressing the possibility of a large number of deceased individuals in a pandemic is one of our top pandemic planning priorities. Currently, we are working on modeling studies to try to determine as clearly as we can what we could possibly expect in terms of numbers of deaths over the course of several pandemic waves. Until these studies are done, we won’t be able to speculate on details of what we might or might not expect. We expect this work to be done in the next few months.

Regardless of whatever estimates are developed, it is highly unlikely that in the 21st Century in the U.S. that we would ever resort to mass graves. We are working with many government agencies (e.g., VA) as well as the private sector (e.g., the funeral industry, the cemetery industry) to develop guidance for states, local communities and others that maintains the dignity of the deceased, honors family wishes, and respects religious and social customs.

So they say no mass graves in the 21st Century? This is a complete fabrication, FEMA has contracted several mass grave locations, mass coffins that can fit multiple cadavers and incinerators. The UK has also announced the use of such crude methods as well as catacombs and inflatable mortuaries. This has been documented by several researches who have tracked FEMA’s roll during martial law, terrorism, natural disasters and biological pandemics.

One response that is being touted for the swine flu that doesn’t show up in the film is the threat of forced vaccinations. Several governments are hinting at making the H1N1 vaccine mandatory, priming the public with a pre-pandemic vaccine that is not based on the fall outbreak if it occurs. Instead, the film makes you want to take the vaccine, by presenting the idea of shortages and making France the bad guy for not sharing the vaccine patent to the U.S.. This ends up causing civil unrest and bands of renegades begin blocking shipments of vaccines in order to steal them. This is another false reality being driven into your subconscious, making you want the untested and potentially fatal shots more.

Presenting this idea in the movie, justifies the governments push to have military on the streets operating as a domestic police force. The reaction that is being programmed is that troops on the streets are good, and they are helping us by fighting the evil renegades who are stealing the vaccines, which they admit won’t work. In actuality, the military will be working during the pandemic to administer vaccinations, possibly through home interventions and other point of distribution (POD) centers like Walmart. So the idea of people not wanting to take the shots, running away from the military was not presented, even though it is a reaction that many viewers will have in that situation.

Eventually society collapses, with food shortages, power blackouts, people walking off their job, and overran hospitals. After the government ran neighborhood internment camps stop giving the supplies to the people and basically bail, the people start thinking independently, and begin working together as a community to get through it. A mom begins to use common sense methods to break the flu that her son contracts. At the end of the movie, the virus outbreak plateaus at over 20 million deaths. But wait, it mutates in another far off African village and now it’s hundred percent fatal. You are then shown the birds flying in the air across the water with the death counter spinning like a slot machine. So now you are left with your own nightmarish ending that cements the programming by having you envision it yourself.

This article was posted: Monday, August 3, 2009 at 9:41 am

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