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Prince of Darkness & Delusions of Godlike Status: Prince Charles and His Royal Global Terrorists

Neil Foster
Sovereign Independent [1]
Aug 4, 2010

In another example of what has become the norm from pseudo intellectual inbred royal families, Prince Charles again showed an example of his utter buffoonery and idiocy when he claimed to be on the planet to save us all from ourselves.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1299099/Prince-Charles-My-duty-save-world.html [2]

Nowhere does he mention the devastation and slaughter his family and his inbred brethren across the world have wrought on humanity all across the planet for centuries and are still doing so today with wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and next Iran, still killing millions of innocent human beings which this clown claims to care about. Nowhere does he mention that it is his mother’s army that’s carrying out genocidal slaughter. Nowhere does he talk about the atrocities being perpetrated on innocent women and children using horrendous weapons and experimental technology to kill people for the hell of it while they test their new killing machines to see how efficient they are.

But this moronic idiot who’s never achieved a single thing in his life expects people to believe that he cares about them as he spouts continual utterly ridiculous statements claiming that man is destroying the planet and how bad the general public is and how we have to be taught that we must change our ways.

He says he is now here for a purpose and that’s to save the world because we the ordinary folks are apparently polluting everything despite his total hypocrisy on the subject as he jets around the world and even flies his Rolls Royce with him.

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This moron would have us believe that he is some kind of God who can somehow change the world for the benefit of mankind despite the fact that him and his ilk have been raping the planet and murdering vast quantities of people, at times simply for entertainment, for centuries.

Why do we even listen to these disgusting examples of all that’s wrong in our society today? These atrocious examples of human life should be locked up to save the world, not allowing them to save it for themselves at our expense.

I don’t want any of these lunatics ‘looking after’ me. Frankly I wouldn’t trust them to look after a cuddly toy nevermind the planet.

These scumbags should be left to rot in insane asylums because they are the ultimate lunatics whose only service to humanity would be mass suicide of the whole lot of them. That at least would a start on the road to some kind of just world where ordinary people could run their own lives without interference from psychopaths who care not a jot for any of us.

These people have no right other than the right they give themselves through wars and devastation of millions of our fellow human beings. They do not ask if they rule over people, they simply slaughter their way to the top without anyone questioning their legitimacy or power to inflict death and destruction on the world.

Prince Charles is a ‘prince’ because he says he’s a prince. Nobody in the general public conferred this title on him and I’m sure that any rational human being would distance themselves from this idiot and would certainly dismiss any claims that he ruled over them. Unfortunately the mindless masses will still come out in their droves when this parasite becomes ‘king’ waving their union jacks and holding their idiotic street parties to celebrate their continued slavery under a despotic royal family who’s utter disregard for all human life should disgust anyone with a modicum of intelligence.

For those who’re struggling with mortgages, illness, money worries etc I beg you, stop looking up to these murdering imbeciles because if you carry on deifying these idiots they obviously believe they’re Gods to be worshipped by the masses whose very lives they hold in the palms of their hands to quash whenever they feel the bloodlust come on.

These are far from normal human beings. They are no better than you or I but are definitely a whole lot worse!