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Princess Diana’s lover suspects her last voice messages were hacked

Martin Evans
The Telegraph [1]
March 17, 2013

Hasnat Khan, the eminent heart and lung surgeon, who conducted a two-year relationship with Princess Diana [2], believes messages left on his phone were illegally intercepted as far back as 1996.

Last summer the 53-year-old was informed by Scotland Yard it waspossible his voicemails had been hacked in 2007 [3] in the months before the high-profile inquest into Diana’s death.

But sources close to the Pakistani doctor said he now fears the hacking may have begun a decade earlier during the height of his secret relationship with the Princess.

The source said: “It is only when Dr Khan started to think back to the time when he was with Diana that it began to occur to him that someone may have been trying to listen in to his messages.

Full story here. [1]