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Print More Money to Avoid Bigger Slump: Hendry

CNBC.com [1]
Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fears about inflation and hyperinflation could create another economic downturn, bigger than the one the world went through, Hugh Hendry, chief investment officer at hedge fund Eclectica, told CNBC Tuesday.

The stock markets are due for a correction after having risen dramatically this year, but this is not likely to come in the summer and another rally is possible, Hendry, who said he was remaining risk-adverse this year, told “Squawk Box Europe.”

“We have a huge intellectual conviction… that this is a more profound downturn that we’re experiencing and markets will be under pressure,” Hendry said.

“People get more get more concerned about government debt… and it sows the seeds of its own destruction,” Hendry said. “We’re actually tightening the screw, we make monetary policy tighter and tighter.”

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