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Privacy experts ‘roast’ Kindle Fire for ‘watching you’ online – worse than Google OR Facebook

UK Daily Mail [1]
Sept 30, 2011

One of the most unexpected features of Amazon’s new Kindle Fire was that it shipped with an all-new web browser, Amazon Silk – speeded up ’20 times’ by the power of Amazon’s ‘cloud’ computing servers.

But the processes the Kindle Fire uses to ‘speed things up’ are already setting off privacy alarm bells.

British security company Sophos’s Chester Wisniewski wrote in a blog, ‘If you think Google AdWords and Facebook are watching you, this service is guaranteed to have a record of EVERYTHING you do on the web.’

‘All web connections from your tablet will connect directly to Amazon, rather than the destination web page,’ wrote Wisniewski, ‘Hopefully you can start to see the problem here. All of your web surfing habits will transit Amazon’s cloud.’

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