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Pro-Lifers Protest Facebook Censorship of Disturbing Abortion Image

New American [1]
February 24, 2012

A pair of pro-life activists are protesting Facebook’s decision to remove a graphic they had posted on their site that included an image of a pre-born baby aborted at eight weeks. What makes the censorship even more troubling is the fact that Facebook had earlier issued an apology to a pro-abortion site for taking down a post that offered explicit instructions for performing a do-it-yourself chemical abortion with the drug Misoprostol, used by doctors to induce labor in pregnant women. The Facebook officials backed up their apology by reposting the abortion instructions.

The pro-life post, created by Bryan Kemper of Priests for Life [2] and Andy Moore of abortionwiki.org [3], included six images in the presently popular “What They Think I Do” format, spotlighting the deadly vocation of an abortionist. Paired with the final panel, “What I actually do,” is an all-too-real image of an eight-week-old pre-born baby neatly decapitated and pulled limb-from-limb. (Click here to view the “What I actually do” [4](abortionist) montage.)

On his site Kemper explained that the folks at Facebook thought the abortion image was too horrific and objectionable to allow people to see, but allowed the post showing women how they could conveniently end the lives of babies. Wrote Kemper on his blog site: “The popular social media site decided it was Okay for the international abortion provider to teach women and girls how to do an abortion themselves at home using Misoprostol, even telling them to lie to a pharmacist to get the necessary drugs.” (Clickhere for the Facebook-allowed abortion instructions. [5])

Kemper said that in the few hours that it was up, his own deeply compelling pro-life post generated thousands of “likes,” shares, and comments, before it was abruptly removed.

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