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Pro-Obamacare Thugs, Not Tea Party Activists, Are The Real Violent Extremists

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Corporate media characterizes broken windows as deadly assault by bloodthirsty mob while ignoring physical attacks on Tea Party members by pro-Obama leftist goons

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Thursday, March 25, 2010

Democratic proponents of the health care bill have attempted to portray anger being expressed by the majority of Americans who opposed the bill as some kind of vicious and deadly mass assault, casting themselves as poor victims of a bloodthirsty mob, when in reality the only real instances of violence have been carried out by pro-Obamacare thugs, with Tea Party activists their victims.

In reality, a couple of stunts and a few broken windows pale in comparison to the treatment dished out to anti-Obamacare activists on behalf of leftist Obamanoid goons.

During a debate on MSNBC yesterday, David Shuster attempted to put author Kevin Jackson on the spot by challenging him to name one incident where Republicans had been similarly “attacked”.

“Name one, name one,” snapped Shuster.

Watch the clip below.

Here’s one – during an August 2009 demonstration in Mehville, Missouri, Obamacare opponents were locked out of a town hall meeting before Union thugs viciously attacked patriot and Tea Party activist Kenneth Gladney, who was handing out Gadsen flags outside the stage-managed event, while hurling racist insults.

“Kenneth was attacked on the evening of August 6, 2009 at Rep. Russ Carnahan’s town hall meeting in South St. Louis County,” wrote Gladney’s attorney, David B. Brown, in an email sent to Infowars. “Kenneth was approached by an SEIU representative as Kenneth was handing out ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ flags to other conservatives. The SEIU representative demanded to know why a black man was handing out these flags. The SEIU member used a racial slur against Kenneth, then punched him in the face. Kenneth fell to the ground. Another SEIU member yelled racial epithets at Kenneth as he kicked him in the head and back. Kenneth was also brutally attacked by one other male SEIU member and an unidentified woman. The three men were clearly SEIU members, as they were wearing T-shirts with the SEIU logo.”

The video clip below shows the aftermath of the attack.

Brown characterized the attack on Gladney, who was hospitalized with multiple injuries, as “a truly senseless hate crime,” but you wouldn’t have heard anything about it on MSNBC the next day, because it wasn’t carried out by Tea Party members, it was an attack by pro-Obamacare thugs furious at people for using their free speech to express opinions which differed to their own.

Elston McCowan, 47, of St. Louis, and Perry Molens, 50, of De Soto, each were later charged with assaulting Gladney.

Here’s how Gladney himself described the incident.

A group of people with purple t-shirts were leaving the rally. As the group walked past me, I offered one of the gentlemen a Gadsen flag and a button. The man turned and looked at my board and said, “who in the fuck is selling this shit?”

I replied “I am Sir, would you like a flag or a button?“

He shouted at me, “What kind of nigger are you?!” Then, he grabbed my board, so I quickly grabbed it back, then the man punched me in the face and charged at me . I put my hands up to block the second blow from the large man, when two other people from that group grabbed me and threw me to the ground and started punching and kicking me. I was kicked in the head and in the back, legs and buttocks. Then a white woman ran up to me while I was on the ground and began kicking me in my head as well. A few people came to my rescue for which I am forever grateful.

Since then my life has been turned upside down and I wake up some days feeling scared and fearful for my life. The media has attacked me. They have made me out to be a dishonest and untrustworthy person. The real Kenneth is a kind and trust worthy man that just wants to be respected as a good man with a positive attitude that loves all people, no matter what walks of life they come from. I go to church and I believe in God, I hope to move past all of this and go on with my life. I still do not have a job and this situation has just made my life more complicated.

So when pro-Obamacare thugs racially taunt and beat up innocent bystanders, the media either ignores it or attacks the victim, but when anti-Obamacare people allegedly (nobody even knows who committed the vandalism and as Jackson points out, it could well have been Democratic operatives) break a few windows, hell hath no fury like the scorn of David Shuster and his fellow corporate media whores.


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As Jackson also points out in the MSNBC clip, the establishment media didn’t engage in a mass bout of hand-wringing obsession when George W. Bush was depicted as the Joker or Hitler, but when Obama is portrayed the same way, it’s characterized as some kind of shameful racist hate crime.

This goes to the heart of what corporate media smears against the Tea Party are all about – an effort to silence dissent by framing opposition to big government as extremist, racist and dangerous – when in reality the only real instances of racism and violence have been committed by pro-Obamacare thugs.

But it doesn’t end there – here’s another example for David Shuster of Tea Party members being attacked by extreme pro-Obama lefitsts.

During a November 2009 immigration enforcement rally, A.N.S.W.E.R.-hired thugs attacked 62-year-old Dave Caulkett of Floridians for Immigration Enforcement, pummeling him with their signs and kicking him in the face as other A.N.S.W.E.R. goons cheered.

Watch the clip below.

Before the event, A.N.S.W.E.R. Florida had sent out an email to their members calling for a “militant confrontation with the so-called “tea baggers.”

“Beating back these forces will require us to organize together, take the streets, fight the racists wherever they show their faces and drive them out of every community,” stated the email.

As Rob Taylor points out, “As can also be clearly seen on the video, A.N.S.W.E.R. organizers set their thugs loose on the two men and stood by until they heard police coming. Then they stopped their members and repositioned them to make it look like nothing happened. This was an orchestrated attack designed to make people fearful of protesting against their agenda.”

So there we have it Mr. Shuster – while you fail to provide one actual instance where Tea Party members have attacked pro-Obamacare supporters or pro-illegal immigration activists, there are two clear examples of these very people attacking, beating, and hurling racist insults at Tea Party members in the last 6 months alone.

This article was posted: Thursday, March 25, 2010 at 9:25 am

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