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Professor Interrupts Merkel: “I’m Scared About the Future of my Children”

Man faces legal action for speaking out against migrant influx

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
January 27, 2016

A professor who interrupted a speech by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to tell her, “I’m scared about the future of my children,” now faces legal action from his own University.

The incident occurred on Monday during Merkel’s address to the Fraunhofer Institute for Microsystems.

“I’m scared about the future of my children. My children are 2, 4 and 9 years old,” said the professor, adding, “You are making an experiment and you don’t know the outcome.”

“I have serious concerns about this,” he continued. “I expect more responsible decisions from you, as a physicist.”

Merkel shrugged off the interruption, claiming, “I will meet my responsibility and do everything to ensure Germany has a good future.”

The man was quickly escorted out of the room and now faces legal action from Merseburg University, which vowed to review his position and take legal action against him for “damaging the faculty’s reputation.”

The professor was undoubtedly referring to Germany’s open border policy and the migrant rape epidemic that culminated in the mass sexual molestation of women in Cologne and other German cities on New Year’s Eve.

As we reported [1] earlier this week, top psychiatrist and best-selling author Hans-Joachim Maaz asserts that Merkel’s refusal to significantly scale back Germany’s open door migrant policy is evidence that the Chancellor is having a “mental breakdown”.

“A psychological or psychosomatic collapse is imminent,” warns Maaz.

In October, top security experts warned Merkel [2] that the middle class in Germany is becoming “radicalized” in response to the migrant influx and that domestic unrest may occur as a result.

The warning was “circulated among high-ranking security officials in the federal government,” according to the report.

The German government is also working with Facebook [3] to censor and prosecute people who make anti-migrant statements on social media.

Meanwhile, a Dutch man who tweeted that the country’s migrant policy was a “bad plan” received a home visit from police [4] and was cautioned as to his future conduct, one of numerous people in the town of Kaatsheuvel to have been warned by authorities for criticizing the refugee crisis.


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