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Progressive-Left Teaching Methods Behind Surging Discipline Problems in UK Schools — Govt Expert

Breitbart [1]
May 15, 2019

‘Child-centred’ teaching methods championed by the progressive-left have been “maximising misbehaviour”in UK schools, the Department for Education’s (DfE) behaviour tsar has warned.

Tom Bennett, who has been appointed by the government to lead a taskforce [2] into behaviour problems at British schools, said traditional methods of education such as having a teacher stand in front of the class to impart information have been phased out, while bad behaviour in the classroom has gone unchallenged.

Progressive-left pedagogy has seen tried and tested [3] teaching methods — derided [4]by figures such as former PM Tony Blair’s education advisor Sir Michael Barber as “chalk and talk” — gradually replaced by ‘child-centred’ learning approaches which encourage children to learn from doing ‘group work’ and other activities with their peers, with the idea that knowledge is mainly acquired through exploration and osmosis.

“There was a massive assumption that children would behave if you simply planned lessons correctly, if you allowed them to do lots of independent work, project work, group work and so on, and that these teaching methods would create great behaviour,” he told [5]The Telegraph this weekend.

“I think that the failure of these methods to automatically create great behaviour has resulted in a lot of people in the education system pretending behaviour wasn’t an issue.

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