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Proposed House Bill In Texas to Bring Back Sobriety Checkpoints

Unbalanced Passions
Dec 1, 2010

Sobriety Checkpoints are a violation of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments of our Bill of Rights and the Texas State constitution. I lived in Florida for most of my life before moving to Texas. I can say sobriety checkpoints are a lot like gun control laws. People who drive intoxicated never drive on the main roads and always take the back and side roads. Just like criminals never go to a gun dealer to be put on a three day waiting period while they have there name checked in the criminal database before committing a crime. They go out and steal one or buy one already stolen out of the trunk of a car. These laws target the average people squeezing money out of them.

The Christmas and New Years holidays are fast approaching and we will see that commercial again called “Over the Limit,Under Arrest”. All I have to say these checkpoints are not about stopping Drunk Drivers. They are about revenue generating for the local and state governments. These sobriety checkpoints rarely catch drunk drivers. They catch people not wearing their seat belts or do not have papers(License,insurance and registration please).The purpose of writing tickets and generating revenue.It is a scam.

There is a 25 billion dollar shortfall in the 2011 Texas budget [1] and are looking for ways to close the gap. Most of the major cities in Texas are sanctuary cities were it has been proven they let go of illegal aliens intoxicated with no valid tags,insurance or license.If they cause injury or death as a result of driving drunk. They get a slap on the wrist by the courts and go out to do it again.

Rep Todd Smith has drafted and filed the bill for the 2010 when the Texas Legislator convenes for a new session [2]. Checkpoints were banned in 1994 because of abuses and numerous complaints against them. As long as we have these sanctuary cities were city governments will pander to the local racial poverty pimps.Check Points do not mean squat because all the law abiding will be squeezed with fines other than drunk driving while illegal Aliens will get special treatment.

The United State Government rated Texas with a poor grade because of its high fatality rate on the roads due to alcoholic beverages. I think those high rate of deaths is because the Federal Government’s unwillingness to secure our southern border and enforcing immigration laws. Many of these repeat offenders of drunk driving are Illegal aliens who should have been deported.Instead they are cut loose to someday kill someone being intoxicated three times over the legal limit. The courts rarely punish them to the fullest extent of the law and cut them loose to do it all over again.

If this law passes and these checkpoints are set up.Could we see some big city governments with grant money team up with the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA to X-ray cars for guns and have motorist go through a body scanner already set up in 18 wheeler truck on the side of the road.All done with no warrants under the color of law just to keep us safe. This bill allows these types of abuses to happen.

This piece of legislation really has nothing to do with stopping drunk drivers and has more to do with squeezing the public for more money to send to the offshore bankers in the name of austerity.  It is about generating business for Traffic Schools and Rehab centers owned by judges and local politicians making money on the side that is a clear conflict of interest.

As Texans we must set the example that we can stay safe if the law is enforced concerning illegal immigration with balancing the priority of protecting people rights without resorting to checkpoints along with other intrusive measures the Federal government wants to mandate. The Lone Star State must be the beacon of liberty of a nation going into the darkness. We can prove we can that we do not have to resort to authoritarian laws to maintain public safety. We must send a message to the legislator the people of Texas will not tolerate anymore draconian laws coming out of Austin. God Bless Texas.

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